Tips for Getting Your Kids into Programming

As a parent, legal guardian or tutor, your main aim is to ensure that your child is properly prepared for the real world. You need to ensure that he will be smart enough and will have the minimum logical experience in order to thrive and to find a high-paying job.

Nothing prepares your child for life more than programming.

Why Programming?

Learning to code empowers kids, enabling them to grasp basic logical concepts and to improve their memory. Coding is as easy as learning a new language. If your kid is already gifted with a good brain, understanding coding becomes a breeze.

According to the experts, learning to program stretches the child’s mind, enables him to think better and boosts his creativity.

However, the biggest reason your kid should learn programming is because this is the fastest-growing area. Over the next 10 years, it is estimated that we will need over 1 million programmers in the US alone. However, the number of graduates is way below that margin, so we will be short of over 300,000 programmers.

The pay for a programmer job is usually twice the average salary for another occupation. So no more parental worries about your children’s future.

How to Get your Kids into Programming?

Here are 4 easy to implement tips that will help you make your kids excited about programming.

1. Make it Fun: make sure that you add the right fun elements into the coding experience. You can either create your own coding games or look online for ideas. The point is that your kids need to feel good & empowered when learning programming.

2. Offer Rewards: rewarding your kids for learning a new function or writing a new line of code helps them to keep going. Never yell at your children if they don’t want to continue. Instead, entice them with attractive rewards and make them want to code.

3. Subscribe to Bitsbox is a gorgeously-designed coding learning system that transforms the programming activity into a fun & interactive one. Once subscribed to the mailing list, you receive constant updates and fun new activities. You can also enjoy the new Bitsbox coupon code and get your own monthly box at a discounted price.

4. Make it a Social Activity: by transforming programming from a solitary activity into a social one, your children will not just learn coding faster, but they will also develop their social skills and will end up with a close network of friends. Having good friends is crucial if you want your kids to succeed in life.