How do to keyword research

So you’re looking into keyword research huh? 

Searching for how you can frame your pages to gain visitors?

A leg up on your competitors?

Or are you losing traffic?

No worry, help has arrived.

How to do keyword research.

Google Keyword Planner:

Google keyword planner is the tool that Google created, or bought up, and it’s a tool that provides basic information if you’re not paying for adwords. It’s a tool that’s used to gain some preliminary insights into your potential marketing efforts. What does this mean? See it like a map if you’re ready to explore a new city. You can mark a few spots, and check them out. While that map doesn’t have the details of the types of drinks at a bar, it does have the location. In a similar fashion, the keyword planner marks where you need to go. And in most cases, it’s a decent guess. Dive in!


Long Tail Keywords:

There are base keywords, like the service you’re offering. But off that base keyword, people are searching for specifics. Those combinations form your long-tail keywords. Let me show you an example:

If you’re a landscaper, then your baseword is ‘landscaper.’ But there might be specifics that people are searching for. Like ‘prices’ or ‘in the winter.’ If you combine those with your base keyword, then you get long-tails like ‘landscaper prices’ or ‘landscaper in the winter.’ One way to check for long-tails is Google’s suggested searches.


Keyword Competition:

Are your competitors kicking your ass? This used to be the case for people like bryn-van-nuissenburg, but no more my friends! There is a gold rush, that nobody sees, yet. And that goldrush is called search engine optimization! Jump in while the door is wide open!


Keyword reseach tools:

To end this article with a bang! we’re going to give you 3 keyword research tools. These should brighten your day and help you completing your next steps.

1: KWfinder, 2: Explorer and 3:

Want to read more? Check out our 3 powerful tips and our SEO basics!

Birmingham SEO Tips

Why Hiring a Birmingham SEO Agency is Worth the Money

Are you on the fence about hiring an SEO company? A lot of business owners think that they can learn about SEO on their own and implement the different strategies without any professional assistance. While some find success in taking the DIY route, most of them end up regretting their decision. It’s important to realise how cost-effective it is to enlist the services of a professional. If you’re not convinced, here’s a list of things a Birmingham SEO agency can do for your business.

1) Eliminate the guessing game.

Did you know that Google updates their search algorithm daily? Although most of these updates are not felt, some can be so huge that they change how the search results look like overnight. If you want to rank, you need to keep up with these changes, get rid of outdated strategies, and learn about new ones. Do you really have time for all this? If the answer is no, then hire an expert so you don’t have to play the guessing game.

2) Find profitable keywords.

Many people who are new to SEO tend to pick keywords with high search volumes. But just because a keyword is searched thousands of times each month doesn’t mean it’s profitable. An SEO professional can help you identify what keywords to focus on, even those that only receive tens or hundreds of searches a month.

3) Avoid costly expenses.

SEO can be expensive, especially if you do not know what you’re doing. You might end up making costly errors, which means spending more money than you have to. By hiring an expert, you can ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

By now, you should know what it’s worth the money to hire a good local SEO company.Here are some resources –

  1. Houzz – NI SEO Agency,
  2. LinkedIn – NI SEO.

Just do your due diligence and interview multiple companies so you can pick the one that best fits your needs and budget.


Search Engine Marketing Basics

Getting Back to SEO Basics

At SEO Services Atlanta, we explain to our customers that while the business of search engine marketing has been around for a long time, and although it has morphed into a more sophisticated beast – and man was it easy at the beginning – there is still a clear process that can be followed to achieve the results you desire.

As with everything else online, it begins with doing your research.  And research to the uninitiated means keywords.  You have to know your keywords – long tail, short tail, converting keywords, traffic getting keywords – in a nutshell, all the keywords, keyword phrases and related terms that can and will help to sell your products and services on your website.

Thats lesson 1 – see you soon!