How to Go About with Your SEO This Holiday Season

The holiday festivities have officially started. If you are like others, you are probably busy preparing your own holidays, shopping for gifts and putting up your tree. But, is your website prepared for the holidays as well?

Conduct Keyword Research According to Search Terms Specific to the Holidays

Among the most important tips you have to remember during the holiday season is to conduct a keyword research for terms that are specific to the season. There are tools available right now which can help you find out the terms that trend during the holidays then come up with a list of keywords which will be more successful.

Use Your Data – Create Specials and Look for Top Landing Pages

If you assume that the information you gathered for the past six months was useless, you might want to think again. You have data worth 6 months which can help you create your landing pages for the Christmas holidays. Prior to creating the page, you need to answer a few questions, including the following:

1) What is the purpose of your page? 

2) What market type do you wish to target?

3) What is the location of the market?

4) What promotion can you offer to visitors and for how long can you do so?

After answering these questions, you can proceed to creating your page and gearing it up for the holidays. Don’t forget to add a call to action and some visual analytics.

Harness the Power of Social Media to Spread the Holiday Spirits

A killer content with no suitable agent is similar to a pixel within a high definition image. It is very difficult to get noticed if you look at it from a distance. The best thing is that you can make your holiday content capture the interest of your audience by using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Before you post your holiday content, you need an audience who will be willing to share it. This must not be because they feel obliged to share it, and instead, they should feel the need to want others to learn about the amazing service you provide and how great your business is.

Monitor Your Mobile Speed

A huge factor in ranking in the world of SEO is the responsiveness of websites. Honestly, only a few people these days use their desktop computers to search. This is why local businesses are also changing their sites and providing SEO mobile-ready or responsive sites. The issue is that they don’t focus on the load time or speed. Focus on the load time of your website to create an improved user experience. A website which takes less than two seconds is already regarded as a properly SEO optimized site that creates great user experience. 

It is not yet too late to revamp your SEO efforts. Keep these tips in mind and implement them to make the most out of this year’s festivities, and improve your sales the easy way.