4 Basic Tips for Ranking on Google

There are many techniques to ranking a site on google. These techniques can be divided into two; Paid (PPC, Ads, and other) and organic methods (SEO, social media, and others). At the same time, Google uses different techniques to determine the page/website to display on the first page of the result page. Their exact formula is a guarded secret but does not mean that there aren’t techniques to help your website improve its google search result ranking.

This is what is known as Search Engine Optimisation. Do not let yourself be a victim of guaranteed and quick schemes of ranking your website because the fact is that there are none. Therefore, no matter what you offer, ensure that you make things easy for a man to understand, including the content.

The Web Design

The design of your website must not only be attractive, but relevant to what you are offering. In other words, the theme, page management, colour used, and navigation should all be consistent. The website must be easy to navigate, use and understand. The tone, theme and pages must go hand in hand with the content. For example, if you are offering a video-based content, then everything must be able to support the content.

Do not forget about the loading time. The longer the website loads, the further down it will be ranked by Google. All pages should have a keyword phrase, which is the page subject.

The Content

When it comes to ranking a website, content is the king. What does this translate to? Well, an easily read material will benefit the user more. Google is more concerned about customer satisfaction compared to the rest, YES! Even Ads. This is a technique that has made Google the giant search engine.

Just think about it: if a reader gains confidence in your content, they will do everything possible to have access, even subscribing to your emails and notifications. The material should be relevant to the page subject. Moreover, you should consider using an appropriate keyword(s). Always check your keyword density. This will make Google’s lawyers identify what you are searching for.

For example, if you perform a google search for the word ‘The’, you will only get contents that have used it as part of their keyword; which mainly consists of different company’s names, i.e. ‘The British ….’

The Links

Google also looks at your links; both to and from the website, and other related contents on your site. Therefore, the word you use to link website plays a role in determining the kind of keyword or content you are offering. We have been kindly offered several case studies from a formidable SEO Adelaide Agency that has shown various proofs of the strength of links that are directed both to and from. You can request more information from their website here.

Taking Advantage Of Social Media

Social media are great ways to promote your website. The truth is that it is not clear how much it will affect the site. But one thing is clear; you will get more traffic. Which to google, is a sign that you are offering contents that users love. For this reason, you will be ranked high on the result page.